River protection

Some of you know- we are no longer ordinary toy farmers- we now own bits of our adjoining river- in other words it has raged its way onto half our land, down at the bottom.
So, we are putting in a heap of trees, with local council blessing, via a diminimus consent.
Yogi poplar poles- they have little whitish spots on bark. Straight.
Kinunagi silver willow ex Japan- can ye no stand up straight laddee? They have a distinct hockey stick shape to their base.
Trichocarpa poplar – angular, smell just like the propolis in a beehive. Some of us love that smell. Their leaves have been as long as 25 cm in our nursery with lots of water. ????? ????
CM4 Willow- nobbly poles. Lots of side branches have been pruned off.

Martin Bruce provides the 27 tonne digger. ???? ?????? Many thanks. We are digging holes about 2-2. ???? ????? 5 m deep, and putting one poplar and two willows in each large hole. (Each tree around 1.5 – 3 m apart). The 2-2.5 m deep poles are going in deep enough that we will have to work to keep the rabbits off them. Maybe netting, pole protectors or even branches of pine prunings or broom prunings!!

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