Quince cuttings – how to get them rooted

I have a small exercise- not really a trial, but three rows of quince cuttings.
Some were soaked in 200 mm of water for a week, while another group were soaked in the same volume of water, but these had chopped up willow (young) sticks in the water, to provide hormone that should encourage rooting. ivermectin and prednisone We hope!
Others- nearest my fence were taken from a Smyrna quince and were treated with some hormone gel. They were all cut with a sloping cut, right across a bud.
So three rows. Nearest fence- from Charles family. ivermectin crab lice They were only soaked for about 2 days. These are known to be Smyrna quince.
Middle row- soaked in willow water. This is a mix of MC’s quince and cuttings from PK in Hororata.
Outer row- nearest river- soaked in water. See above for where these are sourced from.
All planted on 23 August 2010.
Note the intent with these cuttings is to grow them on then graft pear onto many of them.

RESULTS – In a word awful. Only one cutting took. I believe the cuttings were taken too late in the spring. a que hora tomar la ivermectina This year I intend to take cuttings in July – about 5 weeks earlier. That happens tomorrow. Let’s see how we go!

2 comments to Quince cuttings – how to get them rooted

  • dave

    I am very sorry re. late response. Grafting is easy enough, but for me the challenge has been to get the quince to root. I took cuttings too late in winter and maybe put them into soil that was too fertile. Less incentive for roots to form in that situation.
    This year, in Southern Hemisphere, have taken quince cuttings earlier – mid-July. I’m trying them in various places- with rotten barley straw to keep Nitrogen levels low. Leaf litter etc also. I’ll try and get some into a hot bed with pumice so no Nitrogen, but some warmth on roots.
    Then I can do the grafting thing next year.

  • stephen

    so how did the trials go?am very interested.grafting pear to quince

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