Grafting tomatoes

In the tropics farmers need tomatoes that can withstand a range of diseases. Grafting onto egg plant- the wild kind is a good option. ????? ????? 31
There are some tips that help make this successful.
For now, this is theory for me.
The clips can be bought from overseas (check out Johnny seed in USA) and there are various techniques. panathinaikos ?? ????
Start the egg plant seeds about (about) 6 weeks prior to the tomato seedlings. Have some older and some younger so that you have plenty that are the exact size to fit the seedling tomatoes.
The plants- both species must be really hardened off. Not too much N. Plenty of light and air movement.
Cut at 45deg angle, clip them together, then hide in dark place for two days and one night. bet final The clips I have been given are really small. The stems are going to be about 3 mm, perhaps even less in diameter.

Then 80% shade, a little morning light- gradually bring them into life again!

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