Fruit tree management and vegetable garden- Ballybroom – Hororata

This aims to record what we have done with our orchard and garden and the results.
Sprayed shield on apples, pears for codlin moth. Also on plums and cherries for aphid. Lots of aphid going to town on the cherries.

Last day or two, 5 tanks of roundup and dynamo- fathen dies real quick with this mix, when temps are high. This spring is warm- hot and many lovely days. Should be very good for the bees.
Sprayed in dip near water trough- lots of fathen had got away. Two trees need replacing. Chestnut ex Lake Coleridge looking good.
Divider line- the earlier application of galant had worked quite well. Sprayed residual weeds through the whole line.
22/11/2010- sprayed around V’s garden, and John’s line of trees. Many weeds had regrown following roundup in late winter. I think this latest spray is the third or even fourth application, so need some gardoprim for residual benefit. Water is great on this line.
Flowering cherry graft looks great – out on way to alder.
Sprayed roundup with dynamo on water trough line and around pumpkins and nursery willow/poplar. Many tree lucerne looking ok, growing under broom for protection.
Some honey coming in to hive, but no enthusiasm to draw out on the plastic frames. 888casino ????
Labour weekend.
Planted potatoes – in kitchen garden with fertiliser. Had been chitting all winter. One row near asparagus, but not right against- was from very large tubers.
bottom row nearest fence- Uniwhoma (3), then Zopa (3). then on to mulberry.
Where parsnips were- we have put in two rows, some of which are jersey bene.
Sweet corn out of glasshouse to harden off then go into windmill garden.
Sprayed galant 50 ml /20 l in jakes divider line, (followed that with roundup mixed with some of Peter Baldwin’s windscreen washer liquid as couldn’t find dynamo.
Sprayed V’s garden shrubs with galant to control grass in shrubs.
also some roundup in open areas.
Planted chestnut into block near trough. This came from up at Lake Coleridge, below arboretum- almost on flat.
Fixed door into Howorth glasshouse.
Connected water for John’s side of Jake’s road.
Sprayed pears, cherries and plums with orthene (Shield) 5 ml/litre. Hawera particularly was bothered by aphids and looking quite sick. Some apples got spray, but some still had flowers.
Pumpkin and squash still not germinated. Need to germinate them with heat and light.
The cucumber in Eden glasshouse from our seed is growing well.
Windmill garden- beetroot planted under glass.
Feijoa from seed next to old hut.
Water on for corn and nursery in triangle paddock.
Water line in and turned on up Jakes road on John’s side.
Hallelujah!! Greengage plum has plums on it, so the Coe’s Golden Drop must have worked for pollination- that will be our first crop.
Hawera needs more insecticide to control aphids. Many leaves quite curled.
Apples look fantastic. Most flowers finished, but granny smith is still in full flower.

Sprayed galant 50 ml/20 litres on grass below rabbit hut (with spuds under), on poplars in river bed up from bee hive, on corn in triangle paddock that is yet to germinate. Sprayed grass in kitchen garden.
Mulberry budding up and looking great.
Mandarin in barn glasshouse growing very vigorously. No flowers. Mandarin on deck growing but only slowly.
Running out water for Jakes Road.
Peonies starting to flower.
Irises looking lovely. A great spring- very few frosts. Frost sprinklers are working really well.
The mandarin in barn glasshouse wasn’t willing to grow. It got lights and responded magnificently. It has 5 cm long shoots, but no flowers. We may put a flowering tube (fluorescents come in three styles- germinate, grow and flower). Lemon is flowering beautifully in Barn glasshouse.
Planted a heap of Hybrid squash, buttercup – Supermarket ex Terranova into MB compost sieved with lime and Cropmaster 15. In Eden glasshouse with fluorescent tube to encourage germination.
Planted out onions at g’house. Silver beet seed by back of Howorth glasshouse.
Light on in Eden glasshouse.
Plums are growing out of their aphid attack. Seems with Hawera that one has to spray before the aphids are even visible. Plums- clearly visible.
Peaches – visible fruit.
Apricots- just a handfull on our main tree- why so poor?
Apples in full flower or post full.
Pears- visible fruit on flowers that are dying off. A good crop on the way- first time ever for pears here.
Cherries still in full flower.
Anna-Marie’s memorial cherry is just coming out into flower.
Planted sweet corn (Sprinfield from Terranova seeds) into sprayed ground, ex grass in front of barn, then covered with plastic from Elizabeth. Three rows, with some fertiliser. All seed covered with plenty of compost. I guess I will need to think about how I water these…
Planted Desiree or Heather spuds, well chitted below rabbit hut with Ruth and Francis. Planted three seedling peach, one with a couple of nectarine grafts. They went into well sprayed ground.
Ran out 100 m of trickle line for Jakes road trees that are just leafing up nicely. Wattles mostly settling in well- planted this spring. ?????
Sprayed 50 ml in 20 l of water- Galant – up Jakes Road and on nursery willows/poplars.
V planted out onions lettuces celery and most leeks.
All yams planted into tyres with lots of M Bruce compost. Well chitted. Mike Davies gave us yellow yams- large and great looking, so here’s hoping they go well.
Planted a heap of Queensland Blue seeds ex Terranova seeds.
Planted a heap of sweet corn into glasshouse – in MBruce compost with lime and fertiliser, all beautifully sieved, so looks really nice.
Planted a row of Jersey Bene next to fence- east side of kitchen garden. Then two rows mixed spuds from our own plants under straw and MB compost.
Frost sprinklers didn’t come on, as lad (visitor, not me this time!) had left system unplugged. Bother. Water on at about 615 am and looks like we got away with it. The Israeli sprinklers put on minimal water and do a great job.
Hard to find live aphids on fruit trees. Great.
Planted Hybrid Squash seeds today- into barn glasshouse.
Sprayed roundup plus dynamo, 3 rows willows in nursery- west side.

Sprayed Bravo and Shield onto stone fruit that have finished flowering and plums. Apples and cherries are in flower so can’t be sprayed because of bees. 8/10/2010.
Hawera and Macverna – both looked tired- die back where flowers have been prolific. A little of what happened last year- but the die back was very severe last year (2009) and that year we got no fruit on either tree. Certainly they are more healthy this year and this spray should get the aphids that are really getting going, and curling the leaves. Other plums- healthy and growing well.

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