Wattle, Acacia dealbata- dryland Canterbury

2010 Sep? we planted Acacia dealbata as small trees in three areas on Ballybroom – very dry site but with good weed control via roundup we grew a few trees to about 1.8 m. Some trees were given excellent conditions – well the best we could – via 10 l compost (dead animals and sawdust from MA Bruce), water through drippers and weed control. 888 poker
However, as we have noted at other times this wattle either does really well or very poorly. Some trees are much more frost tolerant than others. The sick or dead will be replaced in Spring 2011.
A few were planted at top end of block in river bed and these have been variable, the best – all in this site with no water – 1.9 m in just 12 months.
Well worth growing this species. ?????