Redwoods at Silverwood – Hororata, Central Canterbury Farm Forestry

Established a small redwood trial at Silverwood today- 5 August 2010. We used trees that were grown as rooted plugs from cuttings? We put in two replicates of 4 lines of redwood- all Sempervirens – the Coastal Redwood. All trees were between 30 and 50 cm tall.
SW004, SW006, SW008 and SW0085.

The trial is in paddock ? just off Leaches road, running approximately north south.
Plot one starts 13 posts from the Leaches road end, counting the corner post as 1. ??? ??? These trees are in teh middle row and were planted into a very short flatweed population that had not been sprayed. Yes, we should have pre-plant sprayed.
Please note there are no guard trees between plots. Where 5 trees were planted the middle 3 have the same line on each side of them- 5 trees per plot.
Plot 1 is at the north end, Leaches road end, at approximately post 13. The posts counted were on the Silverwood side of the trial, not the neighbours to the East.

Individual trees were planted 4.5 m apart.
No fertiliser was used at planting. ????? ???? ????
Planting was into moist soil.

Replicate 1 has four plots as shown below. onecard fawry
Plot 1 5 trees of SW004
Plot 2 5 trees of SW006
Plot 3 4 trees of SW008. This line had too few trees to allow us to plant 5 trees.
Plot 4 5 trees of SW085
The start of Rep 2-
PLot 5 4 trees of SW008
Plot 6 5 trees of SW085
Plot 7 5 trees of SW006
PLot 8 4 trees of SW004
At the bottom end, next to end of plot 8 there were two trees of SW006 planted.

A few fill in trees were planted into the row of mixed species to the west of this central row.

Photos below- taken at planting.

Some of the already planted redwoods were quite poor form. Time will tell in terms of them straightening.