Oak grove on river

Oaks and walnut were planted on the river terrace to north of our home. Lovely deep soil on gravel. Ripped in 2005 and planted.

Slow growth, quite a few deaths. ??? ???? ????????? ??????? ???? Afares seems to be doing poorly.

7/9/2009 – Release sprayed with roundup after frost, grass wet, one pottle – about 200 ml in 20 litres of water. Was the grass too wet? Aim to reduce grass competition and plant more oaks, and some of my fruit trees out there.

22/9/09 Planted two Quercus petraea x robur into soil that had been sprayed many months ago. ??????? So good to plant into moist soil, this late in the season. No leaf movement on these 1 m high trees from Appletons. ????? ???? 2023