Eucalypt seedling trial

6 replicates of 6 species were planted (August 11th 2009) in various parts of the block- to assess early establishment, frost tolerance and growth.


We are trying to find eucalypts that will tolerate our very shallow, droughty soils (gravels) in the Selwyn River area. We are freehold land, but part of the land is seriously flood prone, and most of these replicates can expect to go under water.

Seedlings were purchased from Southern Woods nursery and planted on August 11th, very soon after purchase. Their roots were kept in buckets with enough water to ensure they didn’t dry out- and planted two days after purchase- as 300-400mm size seedlings.

We had windy to very windy conditions after planting – with some rain to keep things moist. como tomar ivermectina pelo peso

8th Sep, sprayed roundup around those that needed it. dosis de ivermectina en nios para escabiosis Most had been pre-plant sprayed, but some at bottom of block went into pure sandy gravel deposited in last flood, on top of twitch and other grasses. ivermectin influenza Some grass had started to grow through the shingle by 8th Sep- and was sprayed out.

Frost tolerance is clearly a problem- as some species have been hard hit by frost. Planted Aug 11th and frosts started hitting them – once the wind stopped- first main frosts were on 3, 4, 5 Sep 2009.

Visual score on all plots- Sep 27, 2009.

The 2009 season has been particularly challenging- cold – with last frost in first week of December.