Saturday- Men and men to be

Wet or fine, a bunch of blokes and their lads gather at Ballybroom today- for some man time. neteller

  • chainsaws – we aim to deliver three sacks of pine cones and a trailer load of firewood to the Patch – young blokes will get a feel for chainsaw use and maintenance (Filters to clean in workshop).
  • Pruning with harness on up a tree, climbing rope, ladders, harnesses, belaying.
  • Fires- lots of, cooking.
  • A movie to finish the evening with around fire at Askin’s. ????? ???? ?????? 2022

Time to leave?

  1. You should be able to light a fire from items found on the block – south of the ‘rabbit hut’.
  2. Tie a bowline around your waist and tie a bowline around a tree/ neck of horse etc.
  3. Tie a figure of eight knot, and for those keen- a timber hitch and a truckies hitch. ??? ???? ???? ???
  4. Cook a great feed- we have sausages, roast, mince patties, pancakes, casserole, thermette, pizza oven, camp ovens.

Seth- up the tree, with the pruning saw, job done. Lower me!!



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