Reflections on boys become men

Live long enough and you know that boys become men – real quick. My nephew was a bouncing toddler yesterday, and now he is over 30 and takes me hunting.

But he isn’t in church now. Look around. Take Sunday for instance. 50 kids, maybe more? How many young men were at church and really participating? Serious challenge if you ask me. If that challenge holds no interest to you, well, hey, don’t waste your time, move on!

So, how did we go on Sat? Men and boys playing with ropes, tools, fires… ????? ???? payeer
I think overall it went well. The weather wasn’t all that kind – made it hard esp for the really young boys. The really young ones need a very different package to the older lads.

It was just fantastic to know that over there- Nelson was taking a couple of young fellows through first use of chainsaw. Great stuff.

It was fantastic to have a wide range of blokes enjoying the day.

I think we need more focussed stuff- that allows time to talk and share… and the movie kind of stifled that. ???? ?????? ??????? It was great to have, easy on us organisers, but my sense is we lost an opportunity to take things a few more steps. However, with the age range, well, it was always going to be challenging. (To have some serious discussion)

Perhaps, more than anything, God calls us to make disciples and where better to start than with our own young men and women.

John Eldredge is the only bloke I know writing from a Christian perspective about these issues- of actively growing Christian young men- in a man’s world of outdoor stuff etc. I have some of his writings to loan to you if you wish.

I know this isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t for every boy, but it is impt for many of us.

So your thoughts? Talk to me and wider. Think, pray and act. Next event might just be a trip to Otira for a weekend. ????? ???? ???? We could take some of those young lads and finish a house renovation task.

comments are welcome.

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