June 6 Dad’s and their boys

Pls feel free to offer comments etc.

Here is what we emailed.

Greetings all.

Some of the Darfield area blokes are planning to get together at the Askin’s place, Sat avo, 6th June. Less than a week away.

Here is the plan/reason for the event. Young blokes- around 8-13 or so, give or take, need to do more than sit in front of the tele or other pretty passive things. We are planning an event that entails a heap of fire based cooking, some rope skills using harnesses etc, chainsaw skills, handsaw pruning and it will happen whatever the weather.

I have a few methods for turning perfectly good ingredients into charred remnants… including a clay oven which can be a lot of fun. We have camp ovens and other bits and pieces. ???? ???? You will have some tools for camp fire cooking, pots etc. Pls talk to me, bring on day. Perhaps your favourite recipe etc. ??? ?????

Risk? We will be taking every precaution to ensure safety, but we realise that there are always risks of injury in the big outdoors. In a man’s world. If that risk is something you feel uneasy about, – well talk to us, and there is always the other option. Stay in front of the tele.

We will talk about safety on arrival- so pls arrive on the dot, so we don’t have to do the safety thing every 5 minutes.

Plans are a bit fluid, but the key is that if you have a bloke in your life of this sort of age and would like to be part of an event that provides opportunity to do some man stuff with your lad, well, let us know- return this email with some thoughts etc.

It would be great if we knew the sort of numbers we are talking of by Thu at the latest.

We will meet at Dave and Virginia’s at 1:30pm Sat. Pls dress warm, esp if it is persisting down with snow and sleet coming in horizontal! ?? ????? ????? ?? ??? If that is the case, we will see about doing some motorbike maintenance in a cold and draughty shed.

Perhaps you have ideas for what we can do? Pls talk to me.

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