Managing google calendar to collaborate effectively

At Darfield Baptist we are sharing a google calendar. Lois can add new people.
Once you are added and notified there are a few steps to take before you can enter new events that others will see.
Go to google, click on gmail and create a new account for yourself (This is a useful thing to do- it allows you to back up files). You will end up with a google mail email address, that you need never use…
OK. Let Lois or me know what that email address is. We will set permissions for you separately, and your entries won’t show until that is done. We click on settings under Darfield Baptist calendar (within google calendar), then on DBC in the list of calendars – then on shared edit settings. We add a full email address that you gave us (with at end) and set the permissions. (Make changes to events). We remember to save this in two places. First we add that person- to right of their name , then save at bottom of screen. ???? ????? ???????
Now you must also liven up your account. You will have provided a separate email address that google will send a validation process to. Complete that.

Go to google, click on gmail and log in. jack pot city click on calendar. Look at bottom left of screen- see Other calendars- click on the add a friends calendar. Type into that box- then hit the enter button.

To the right of the Darfield Baptist church calendar (you are on bottom left of your screen), click on the drop down arrow. Choose display only this calendar.

Hey presto- you can now see darfield’s items. ??????? ??? ??? Once you are registered, you can add and change events- so long as Lois, Michael or I have allowed you to.
Now go to and click on calendar. Click on bottom left of screen- google calendar. Log in and hey presto modify entries in the calendar.

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