Add a calendar managed in thunderbird to your word press web site – using google calendar

The steps below, have been slightly modified. I found these online. Sorry I am not sure where. The system starts with a calendar you run in thunderbird – latest version has the add ons – lightning and provider for google calendar built in.

1. Install Lightning –
2. Install “Provider for Google Calendar” – https://addons. ???? ???? ????
These two steps are not needed if you have latest version of thunderbird. Check under tools add ons.
3. Login to your Google (mail) account -> Go to Calendar
4. Click on Top right “Settings” => “Calendar Settings”
5. Click on “Calendars” Tab
6. Click on your Calendar
7. Under the “Private Address”, Right click on “ICAL” and click “Copy Link Location” (You are grabbing the url there to use later – use Ctrl C).
8. Now go to your Thunderbird
9. File -> New -> Calendar
10. select “On Network” -> Next
11. Select “Google Calendar” and Paste the link location you just copied to the “Location” text box -> Next
12. Give a name and select a color for your calendar and Next. ??? ??? ????????? ???????
13. Thunderbird will prompt you for google login, keyin your google email and password then submit. ???? ?????? 2022 (I didn’t need this step).
(I went to word press, created a page called Calendar and in that page copied the url from google calendar into that page. That means my thunderbird calendar goes through google calendar and is seen as fully up to date in my word press blog. Useful for those wanting to know my commitments).
14. Finish.
15 What I had when I finished these steps was a calendar in thunderbird- which I add to or delete items from. And a word press blog that shows that calendar.

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