Atahualpa – the theme driving this website

There’s plenty of reasons for using Atahualpa. ?? ?? ???????? Here’s a link to other sites based on the same theme.

Protected: Stevia- artificial sweetener

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Linking posts to maps- learning another system

Here we go.

Geomashup is the plugin I am using. ???? ????? ??????? Ok it is showing a map, but nothing useful yet. We’ll keep trying. You may like ot look on the home page- there’s a useful map there.

Growing great watermelons in lowland tropics - a challenge

We are working with low fertility soils, in a remote village location in Indonesia which experiences a long dry season.

We are choosing to create what are known as zai holes in the literature, prior to planting. para que sirve ivermectina tabletas 6 mg Holes about 40 x 40 cm by 30 cm deep […]

Celebration of simplicity

What about a celebration of simplicity- thanking God and sharing with mates the goodness of God in creation? Potato wedges, sweet corn, tomato, cucumber, bread – home made of course. ivermectin rosacea subtype 1

MIS Low Priority for Development across all mgmt systems

Contacts by interests. If you stop at a parent interest it should show that person who has a sub- or sub-sub interest of that parent? ???? ???? 2022 Make sense?

For us to discuss- can we send text messages by cell phone to any part of an MIS? ???? ??????? ??????????

Can we […]

Experiences with google calendar sync

When working this is great- but the web shows lots of people who have had troubles with this system. Some bits of learning! eg once set up- bottom right of your screen, in windows vista (or XP I suspect) right click on the google sync icon, and one has the option to sync straight […]

Bailey’s pump, Italian make – repairs

Our Baileys supplied pump ran out of water and after priming wouldn’t turn off once it reached high pressure. Here is what I did. On side of pump a little black box, unclip right hand side and unscrew left hand side. ???? ???? ???????? That left hand screw goes down to the low pressure […]

Pergola and ye olde trusses

Sep 2009 – Peter and Peter and Nelson helped with the build of the pergola over the pizza oven here at Ballybroom. Thanks to the Tuers who gave me the tree about 5 years ago- Eucalyptus viminalis- it seems to be lasting well in other tasks, so hope these 8 x 4 and 4 […]

ACP EU – PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Exciting news this- it looks like the key players have been successful in their bid for funding for important projects.

Perhaps Word Press can be used to effectively co-ordinate key issues of timing, scheduling and reactions to events and to plans. ??? ???? ???????

Worth considering I think.