Community Development Worker’s Initiative – Papua New Guinea – Preparing for drought

A group of men and women from Papua New Guinea worked together during the 1997 drought – training, writing and demonstrating options for people desperately hungry and with gardens that were dead through fire and lack of rain. There were options for each of the communities visited. aladdin ??? ???? Shallow holes to dig […]

Village water supply Sogomi village, near Goroka EHP, Papua New Guinea

Friends I worked with years ago in PNG put a hook in my ear and said- come up and see what life is like when you walk for 30 minutes to get your clean water. They failed to tell me it was also a 10 minute drop down to a ‘dirty’ creek for showers… […]

Wetar visit- November 2011

In November I head to Wetar Island, in eastern Indonesia.

Laminated bamboo as a rain protecting greenhouse in tropics

My good friend Jeff Gucker and others are pioneering the use of laminated bamboo for greenhouses in the tropics. tratamiento para la sarna en perros ivermectina Why bother with greenhouses in tropics. Excess rain really challenges growers of top quality vegetables- things like tomato, broccoli, strawberry etc just don’t like being hammered with excess […]

Protected: Stevia- artificial sweetener

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Project Cycle Management Training- survey

Hi folk- the attached survey is what I am hoping you will download, fill out Survey before Project Cycle Management training and email to me. cheers and thanks. dave.

On-line surveys – SurveyGizmo reviewed

I am sure this link is worth a look if you are interested in creating surveys.

Projects (often means ‘Aid’) or growing small sustainable businesses?

What is a Project and What is a Business? The thoughts below have been lifted mostly from Dr Merida Roets of Scientific Roets (PTY) Ltd, Kokstad, South Africa, The field of rural development is scattered with the skeletons of good intentions, failed attempts at well-intentioned philanthropy and wasted funding. With very little investigation, […]

The hole in our gospel- Richard Stearns

Very challenging look at the poor in our world and a genuine Christian response. What does God expect of us?He asks the question, and answers it pretty clearly. Love God, Love your neighbour. Share the good news of God’s kingdom come. ???? ????? ????? Don’t expect an easy read here. This bloke was a […]

Farmers are businessmen and businesswomen

These thoughts are a distillation of experiences in both Africa (Kit and Celia Jensen) and Indonesia, PNG etc (Dave and Virginia Askin). We hope they may form the basis for discussions with farmers. Farmers may be good at growing a range of crops, but may fail to take the crop growing to the next […]