Fruit tree management and vegetable garden- Ballybroom – Hororata

This aims to record what we have done with our orchard and garden and the results. 24/11/2010 Sprayed shield on apples, pears for codlin moth. Also on plums and cherries for aphid. Lots of aphid going to town on the cherries.

Last day or two, 5 tanks of roundup and dynamo- fathen dies real […]

Frost protection- cherries, pip, stone fruit in Hororata, Canterbury

Many people in our area lose much of their fruit to late, hard frosts. ????? ???? We have a Digital Temperature Switch (Love Brand, looks like it is made by Dwyer) Series TS2, 16 A SPDT Relay Output. Phone 3588309 to find the supplier in CHCH.

This triggers a set of sprinklers. Quite amazing […]