Pizza oven smokes great fish - fish smoker

The photo below tells part of the story. First catch your fish. For smoking my favourite is kahawai. Start pizza oven with some smallish – up to 8 cm diameter pieces of dry wood. Get them burning well, and create some hot embers. While the fire is burning, head out with a bush knife […]

How to make a clay or earth oven

The notes here are a mixture of my own experience and notes plucked from the internet. By the way, our own oven has a few dimensions you may like to note. It works really well, and an Italian friend was impressed with how well it cooked pizza. From back to front- internal it measures […]

Dave and Ginny enjoy pizza oven

Title: Dave and Ginny enjoy pizza oven Location: Ballybroom Description: Out in the cold, but enjoying the pizza oven Date: 2009-08-03

Check us out – freezing cold but enjoying the oven.

Someone noticed that the pizza oven didn’t actually feature in this post. I have been asked to provide information on making and using […]

David Early fires up pizza oven

Great fire David. Excellent feed resulted- three camp ovens- potato, parsnip and pumpkin. Great use of a magpie nest from the pruning we were doing together on the pine hedge. Thanks for the help.

Great use of a magpie nest, but watch out for the […]