Christchurch Gets Ready with Neighbourhood Support

Christchurch’s Neighbourhood Support Network is going to manage around 2000 neighbourhood support groups by using our software. ???? ???? ???? Watch this space as we add streets and information over the next few weeks.

Community Development Worker’s Initiative – Papua New Guinea – Preparing for drought

A group of men and women from Papua New Guinea worked together during the 1997 drought – training, writing and demonstrating options for people desperately hungry and with gardens that were dead through fire and lack of rain. There were options for each of the communities visited. aladdin ??? ???? Shallow holes to dig […]

On-line surveys – SurveyGizmo reviewed

I am sure this link is worth a look if you are interested in creating surveys.

Preparing for emergencies- Hororata, Darfield and Selwyn

For some years I have been thinking about the way we as a community prepare for emergencies.

Here is a response. NS ASkin quote for a information system Darfield and beyond 2010 draft 2.0

Neighbourhood Support – Darfield and beyond

Had a meeting yesterday with local co-ordinator and the Canterbury Neighbourhood Support co-ordinator. ????? ???? ?????? 2024 Preparing a process where information relating to needs, resources/services and skills are collated and managed to assist in an emergency in the future. ????? ???? glc Considering the possibility of using something like WordPress to manage the […]

Maps – a way of sharing information on PNG or elsewhere

There’s nothing magic here, but then again, this is all magic! Donors and many other stakeholders really appreciate having that visual look at where money is being spent- by way of training or research etc. what is the carrier in the 1% ivermectin for cattle and swine

You may like to look at […]

Auto Draft

Here is a recently established calendar. ????? ???? 2022 The Church Partnership Program can use this calendar to share schedules for increased collaboration and partnership effectiveness.

We are presently scoping church needs in PNG. ???? ???? ??? ???? Later, we expect to roll out a full management system with reporting etc. That is likely […]

MIS Gen Development

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