Christchurch Gets Ready with Neighbourhood Support

Christchurch’s Neighbourhood Support Network is going to manage around 2000 neighbourhood support groups by using our software. ???? ???? ???? Watch this space as we add streets and information over the next few weeks.

Earthquake Christchurch water, toilets, sanitation

I’ve been around the tropics for about 20 years and have – I hope – both developed and picked up some useful ways of operating when toilets, showers, water are all in desperately short supply. Today, as I write this, just a few days after our latest earthquake, it is raining and many people […]

Preparing for emergencies- Hororata, Darfield and Selwyn

For some years I have been thinking about the way we as a community prepare for emergencies.

Here is a response. NS ASkin quote for a information system Darfield and beyond 2010 draft 2.0

Greendale earthquake- a personal story

4:30 am on Saturday 4th Sep 2010 I was awake, listening on an earphone to BBC. The rumbling and shaking built quickly. ‘Ginny, this is the big one- we’re out of here’. I started heading out of the upstairs – but stopped, thinking- I need to make sure Ginny is safe. That was the […]

Earthquake- men’s ministry in Darfield area

Some of us are planning a get together meeting to share thoughts about earthquake- What has God been teaching us? Other priorities include a home to work on in Otira and a substantial program called Valiant Men. ???? ????? ??????? There is plenty to discuss. Your thoughts welcome.