John Early, Tower builder and organiser of Father

Cheers, John. Well done.

Men, fire, steel and anvils, forges

Yup, we had a great session with fire, men, sons and hot steel. ??? ???? ???? Anvils, hammers etc. Very many thanks to Terry for allowing us to use his gear and enjoy learning from him. […]

Reflections on boys become men

Live long enough and you know that boys become men – real quick. My nephew was a bouncing toddler yesterday, and now he is over 30 and takes me hunting.

But he isn’t in church now. Look around. Take Sunday for instance. 50 kids, maybe more? How many young men were at church and […]

Saturday- Men and men to be

Wet or fine, a bunch of blokes and their lads gather at Ballybroom today- for some man time. neteller

chainsaws – we aim to deliver three sacks of pine cones and a trailer load of firewood to the Patch – young blokes will get a feel for chainsaw use and maintenance (Filters to […]

David Early, Greendale, prunes pines

This afternoon, David Early came by and we pruned pines together. He was most impressed with the new hand saw that he used. We then did a cookup of potato wedges, cooked in the log burner.

Slavery is good.

David Early is learning how to create these posts. Watch for more of […]

June 24th Blokes visit AirNZ engineering facility

Kurt Frauenstein has kindly offered to help organise this. ????? ???? ??????? ???????? ????????? Keep this evening (Tues 7th July) free for what in the past has been an excellent trip.

More info coming.

June 6 Dad’s and their boys

Pls feel free to offer comments etc.

Here is what we emailed.

Greetings all.

Some of the Darfield area blokes are planning to get together at the Askin’s place, Sat avo, 6th June. Less than a week away.

Here is the plan/reason for the event. Young blokes- around […]