Community Development Worker’s Initiative – Papua New Guinea – Preparing for drought

A group of men and women from Papua New Guinea worked together during the 1997 drought – training, writing and demonstrating options for people desperately hungry and with gardens that were dead through fire and lack of rain. There were options for each of the communities visited. aladdin ??? ???? Shallow holes to dig […]

Bee keeping at Ballybroom

21/11/2010 Broom (Cytisus spp) seems to have no value to bees- at least through spring flowering. The Escholchia- One day poppy or Californian poppy in river bed- no value to bees. Bees are flying out to John’s place- assume it is the dryland paddocks with lots of clover that is drawing the bees. A […]

Frost protection- cherries, pip, stone fruit in Hororata, Canterbury

Many people in our area lose much of their fruit to late, hard frosts. ????? ???? We have a Digital Temperature Switch (Love Brand, looks like it is made by Dwyer) Series TS2, 16 A SPDT Relay Output. Phone 3588309 to find the supplier in CHCH.

This triggers a set of sprinklers. Quite amazing […]

Water Pump, acknowledging Rus Alit, Bali, and Cambodians

The water pump described here is cheap to make, easy to maintain and very, very simple. The principles making this pump work have been known for a very long time. Rus Alit of Bali, Indonesia has been a key person in developing this to ensure it is easy to make in villages. Recently […]