Building a church – through the eyes of a six year old – Isaac Luton

Isaac, my grandson, was 6 when he drew this picture. It holds some wonderful truth. Enjoy.

Sorry folk, picture sill to come. ????????? ??????? ???? ??????

Gisborne Holiday with the grand-children

Up remember was the highlight- in the waves, playing with Amelie who is 4. I promised she wouldn’t get bowled by the waves as I kneeled in the water, but pretending to forget to lift her out of danger was all part of the fun. she would tell me ‘up remember’ or ‘look remember’. […]

Grandees 2007

Wonderful holiday in Coramandel.

Gran loved it- we all did.

Thanks Grant for taking us to your special patch. can ivermectin make you sick


Grandees, 2009

Special memories of the grandchildren in 2009. Taking Isaac on his first, and second camping out under the stars events. ????? ????????? First up, at Ballybroom- under all the silver birch branches in the back yard. ????? ???? He woke in the night, frightened- oooh Grandad, its dark… ????? ? ???? I turned on […]