Dave and Kilu Consulting

This is a personal and work related website/blog. I use this to share information regarding a team- CHCH and Germany based who develop various systems of information management and collaboration.

My teams selwyngetsready site is a local, community strengthening response to not only the recent earthquake but the need for communities and authorities to have access to important information, as well as the ability to share that information. The site tells more of that story. Selwyn Council are showing some interest in our system. Neighbourhood support in various places in NZ are also interested. Christchurch are establishing a site based on this system over next few weeks.

Virginia and I enjoy many animals at Ballybroom- dog (yes Jazz died at end of 2010- a loyal companion for 12 years, greatly missed), cats, cattle and goats with hens and ducks providing interest and challenge.

Kilu Consulting keeps me busy. Here are some of the activities for 2011.

    • The big one for 2011 is the establishment of a locally based NGO in PNG with old friends who are wonderful development workers. My role is to support their vision. We’ve established a web site explaining something of our work at this site.
    • NARI, the National Agriculture Research Organisation of PNG has a number of large projects on the go.  I taught field research skills for four weeks starting end of March.
    • ARDSF have a technical appraisal panel which I have lead for some years. I have pulled out of that work.
    • There is work in Indonesia- village agriculture, small businesses, irrigation, agro-forestry etc. A remote island in eastern Indonesia. It was great to get the Bahasa working again. You can have a look at a website I have created to discuss what we are doing there. www.wetarcomdev.org
    • I have a contract with the Church Partnership Program to deliver an online Management Information System. This program works with the 7 largest denominations in PNG and is funded entirely by AusAID. That work is likely to pick up either later this year or next year.
    • At the start of 2010 I went as a volunteer to Cambodia to help in training a group of young Cambodians and a larger group of International YWAM Discipleship trainess. My topic was earth care, which covered issues surrounding soil fertility management, integration of animals in garden systems etc. How to grow good food in a sustainable manner. There is ongoing support required for their projects- esp. with orphans.
    • We continue to enjoy tree planting and management at Ballybroom along with a large orchard and many different kinds of animals.
    • I delivered training in Project Cycle Management for folk from PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, towards end of 2010.

Here is the latest challenge- make useful maps with information and photos.
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