Selwyn River - flood damage and willow regeneration

Mid to late summer after severe winter storms provided a real surprise. About 4 years ago we ripped in a line of willow and poplar poles. Trichocarpa poplar and CM4 willow. Well severe floods ripped out half of the line and left us with shingle and a deep channel which dries out to dry river bed in early summer.
Imagine the surprise to find willows and poplars growing out of that deep, dry river bed. I guess depending on your perspective you will see that as good or bad. Given that the river has eaten a few acres of our land, we see the willingness of the willow to regenerate as being wonderful.

By the way, an earlier flood dumped a heap of shingle on the whole line of young willows and poplars. I dug trees out of the shingle and in just one season they grew about 1.5-2 m. Then the larger flood appeared to totally rip trees out and destroy them. So imagine the pleasure to see them bouncing back again!

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