Protect young watermelon etc from aphids in tropics

I work on a little island in Indonesia. cheap ivermectin horse wormer Wetar. We are challenged by unwise use of insecticides and many aphids really harming growth of young watermelon, rock melon, tomato etc.
So here is what we have come up with- at least worth trying.
Buy insect proof cloth, and set up over some simple bamboo hoops, to provide protection for first 4-6 weeks. Then remove and re-use the cloth on the next crop. ivermectin chest pain
Start with the bamboo frame- split from young bamboo or whatever you have locally.

Then, add some insect proof cloth. here we are using mosquito net cut into squares about 1.5 m square. However, if this works well, we will buy cloth that is designed to resist degrading in the sunshine. ivermectin pour on for pigs Good insect proof cloth should last many years, protecting many young plants, so the cost will be ok for village farmers as the plants will be much stronger and healthier when they grow out of the cloth at about 4-6 weeks. Try tomato, watermelon, rock melon etc.

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