Over cultivating soil in tropical lowland soils – Indonesia vegetables

I am very surprised at the amount of work going into village vegetable gardens, heading into dry season. People dig, then laboriously, hand break each clod into very very fine particles, totally losing any sense of soil structure in the top 15 cm of soil. 1xbet pc It is like a work of art.
One of the photos shows what happens when the soil is watered. ;ha d, It goes to a gooey mess, that cracks quite severely as it dries out.

Does anyone have a comment or thought? My intention is to encourage in our trial garden at least some areas where the cultivation requirement is much reduced- via digging just a small hole for each cabbage or sawi hijau (Chinese cabbage like) plant. I simply don’t believe that we need to work this hard to get a good crop. ???? ???? ??? ????

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