December and still needing frost protection!

December 4th, 2009 and another frost arrived. This one was hard- would have killed all pumpkin, beans, potatoes, sweet corn… However, we have an automatic frost protection unit, running off 24 volt AC power supply. So that kicked in and the solenoid controller set 4 sprinklers going. The worry then is that we run out of water in the tank. ????? ???????? ?? ?????? 2022 So, I lit 2 fires at 5:30 am to try and add gentle updrafts to slow frost.

Seems we were successful.

This season is the toughest we have ever experienced here in Hororata for frost damage. Our potatoes are about 40 cm tall. ?????? ????? The pumpkins are not going well yet- still too many frosts have hurt them, but at least the good ones survived last nights effort to kill…

Our corn and pumpkins in the YWAM garden were covered with broom branches and plastic… so have survived well. Only 10 cm tall, so plenty more growing to do. ???? ?????

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