Spring Feast - Fund Raiser

Our homegroup and a heap of others are helping to support ministry in Aranui- a part of Christchurch with a range of challenges. Their folk aim to get to an aboriginal settlement in Australia to help with painting etc. All good and worthwhile stuff.
So we get to help out with a fund-raising meal. I think we could call it a Spring Feast.
Get your chomping gear/mind around this line up of awesome food items- with names of people who have volunteered to create a team to make that bit of the feed happen- remember we are catering for about 120 people assuming helpers want to eat something also- they do!
We agreed tonight re 5th September 2009.

Firstly- massive thanks to all those who are stepping up to make this a special event.

God loves cheerful givers. Hope you are feeling loved!

Food Preparation, cooking and delivery – our key task.

Servers –

Waiters –

Clearers –

Cleaning –

Address- how to find? Mark to provide clear instructions.

These notes may not be wonderful English- but hopefully they are getting closer to conveying the impt information of – who, where, when, how much…

Nibbles and coleslaw – Hillie Moot
2 Salmon from Dolly via Brian- to get to Craven’s.
Pumpkin soup and bread rolls- butter/spread on rolls pumpkins at Mark and Rosalie Cravens. Soup and rolls package courtesy Marg Frauenstein, Lois Patrick and Glenys Knopp.
Meat – two hoggets- via Brian and Dave Askin?? Mark is checking out the cooking of the meat and a slosh of high quality gravy. Mint sauce a couple of bottles. Beryl to buy. Alistair is carving meat.
Meat- chickens- Glenys- buying 5-6.
Carrots and Parsnips Bev Elder to secure. Dave and Ginny to talk with Bev re. parsnips as they have some.
Peas – Brian Knopp
Pavs Judi Lawrence- 4; Lorraine Adams- 4, and Colleen 2 with cream and kiwifruit for dressing.
Fruit salad Bev Elder 2 lge catering tins donated by Lorraine Adams and Judi. Add bananas and apples on the night. Bev is supplying bananas and apples.
Judi working on Taege’s 4 square Darfield to donate 3 more tins or at cost
Cheese cakes Rosalie Craven and Colleen 1.
Ice Cream Rosalie 10 l.
Donated 2 doz eggs who needs? Refer Lorraine. Cheesecake see Judi.
Food preparation- our gp has a large chunk of this. Key time to arrive in town is 2 pm. Peel spuds/pumpkin etc – Alistair and Judith Adams Lyndal and Patrick, Lorraine and Bob Adams , Bryan and Glenys, Mark is going to cook butter chicken, and roast hogget,
Veges will be cooked in town. Roasted.
Jim has four large cooking trays with lids. Jim will drop off at Craven’s. Two large dixies in church-
Drinks – Dave and Ginny 10 bottles of lemonade and 10 ginger ale. 10 bottles of drink. Judith Adams, Colleen large orange juice. 12l of orange juice ex Beryl and Cliff Dave and Ginny tea bags. Brian in charge of putting it together and taste testing. Lemons and oranges. Party ice.
Tea and coffee, milk and sugar. – provided by Cravens.
Security passes?
On the day – don’t go to town without a car load of food from Craven’s etc.

Leaving- leave together.

Food Preparation, cooking and delivery – our key task.

Servers- Cross road uniforms might look great. Looking for serving team.

Flowers – Glenys and Lorraine Adams.




Provision of music- Brian may be able to set up some people to do some live music.

MC – Dave Moot.
31st at Craven’s – pls bring test pots for testing. Final discussions etc.

Askin’s maintain that they haven’t totally skived off, but that is perhaps a questionable assertion! Sori tru.

So here is where we are up to so far-

Tickets are $35 each.
Venue is 5th floor of Hallenstein building. Great evening views of city- great food, fun night, auction etc etc.

12 comments to Spring Feast – Fund Raiser

  • Glenys

    I’m getting butter dishes from church today. Table decorations are in hand. Wondering about salt and pepper for at least every second table (10 sets)Does anyone have spare? Everyone please bring oven cloths for carrying hot dishes in the lift!!!

  • Rosalie and Mark C

    I have found out we have waiters!! from Crossroads team. And Jazz music to add flavour to the night, also a haka and songs

  • Dave

    Greetings. $20 each for the process sounds pretty good, as does a refrigerated hanging period. So, I assume my task is to get them to your place on a required date? cheers, dave.

  • Rosalie

    Dave, can we have sheep slaughtered, cut up and deliverd to our place befor the cook date. They need to be hung for 5 days before prep for cooking. I know someone who can kill and hang in a refrigerated container for $20 each. But if you want to do the killing he may let you hang for nothing. Let me know. Sorry folks about the gory details.

  • dave

    By the way Dave has one sheep organised, now to find the other. Brian and I intend to process same. cheers, dave.

  • Judi Lawrence

    Lyndal and Patrick Baker have offered to help on the day in town from 2 pm onwards. They are great workers and we appreciate their help. I have had two dozen eggs donated in additional to the above fruit salad.

  • Rosalie

    Ingredients list for Meal funraiser:
    Salami rolls x 2
    cheese x 1kilo
    gherkins x1 large jar
    cheesey corn chips x 2 large packets
    sour cream x4 punnetts

    orange juice x6 3litre bottles
    lemonade x6
    ginger ale x6
    bottle of grape juice(fizzy) x10

    onions, cocoanut milk for soup

    carrotts x10kilos
    spuds x20kilos
    any other roast vege

    eggs, sugar for pavs
    plain malt biscuits x10
    cream cheese x6 punnets
    butter x6

    other food is being purchased or provided already

  • Rosalie and Mark C

    Mark and I can cook the lamb here at our place, there are two big ovens at the venue which would be great for roasting spuds and carrots. I have been thinking about 2pm startup at the venue for prep, any thoughts? Glenys and I are preparing the tables, beutification of. I will make cheesecakes at home, and can be refrigerated here.

  • Judi Lawrence

    The pavlovas are sorted with Judi Lawrence, Lorraine Adams and Judith Adams signing on to complete and deliver to town. Also 2 large (catering size) tins of fruit salad are donated towards the dessert as well. I suggest some discussion at the next cell group meetings to confirm details, donations, and persons actually available to get the food cooked and ready for the dinner in town. THis event and the contact people was published in church newsletter today for anyone to donate anything they can.

  • dave

    Dave and Brian K are looking to provide the meat. Suggest we have a full team meeting sooner rather than later to define what bits of the total package we can run with- ie the home gp input and other’s input. Dave.

  • Rosalie and Mark C

    Possible finalise of the Menu!
    Nibbles, punch, softdrink, grapejuice (aerated,not flat) instead of wine.
    Soup and garlic bread
    Roast meat, casserole beef, roast veges, peas, gravey,salads
    Cheesecake, pavlova, fruitsalad, icecream or whipped cream
    Coffee, tea,

    NB if anyone can contribute anything towards the this menu, that would be amazing. Even one ingredient per person would share the load, but not be too expensive for some. Dropoff for ingredients can be the cravens, as early as possible for non perishables. Donators can contact Judis Homegroup.

  • Rosalie and Mark C

    Mark and I are going into town to check out the venue and see what serving dishes there are etc. There are big ovens which a lot of food could be cooked in. I have a lot of large serving dishes that can be used. We also have two stationwagons to cart food in. Our place could be the drop-off point for all food not being brought in by the homegroup. We have 5 fridges here to store food until uplift time! Anyone else have stationwagons? If Youthgroup could help with cleaning up maybe that would be amazing. We are going to ask The Crossroads youth if they can help with serving and cleaning up. For those who donot want to help but would like to go to a lovely dinner, with an auction of new items , all for a good cause please ring me Rosalie 03 3179115 for a ticket. Pass this on Dave to as many as possible, Thanks, R.

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