Grandees, 2009

Special memories of the grandchildren in 2009. Taking Isaac on his first, and second camping out under the stars events. First up, at Ballybroom- under all the silver birch branches in the back yard. He woke in the night, frightened- oooh Grandad, its dark… I turned on a torch and … ‘oh Grandad I […]

Daniel’s Birthday

June 1 2009 is Daniel’s first birthday

Sarah and Phil arrive in Gisborne

Just wanted to show off a fantastic photo of the grandees on the beach.

Camp at Craigeburn

Ignite group with caregivers to camp up at Craigeburn

Tree planting, erosion control

Title: Tree planting, erosion controlLocation: BBMDescription: Erosion control along our boundaryStart Date: 24-08-09End Date: 29-08-09

Malvern Interact

Title: Malvern InteractLocation: Ian and Evelyn Bruce\’sDescription: International folk- all welcome, BBQ etc.Date: 2009-05-16

CPP in PNG Possible?

Title: CPP in PNG Possible?Location: PNGDescription: Training in the reporting and management information system being developed in NZ for CPP churches.Start Date: 2009-07-06End Date: 2009-07-24

Dave’s web site

Hey, this is a mess. We know that. It is just a start. Wait a week or two and it will have a few new features. Learning is good. go for it.

Autumn Harvest

Sori tru, but the harvest happened today. One large cattle beast – (curly or straight- rising two year old) and 4 goats. Freezer space is going to be at a premium.

Hello world!

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