Selwyn River - flood damage and willow regeneration

Mid to late summer after severe winter storms provided a real surprise. About 4 years ago we ripped in a line of willow and poplar poles. Trichocarpa poplar and CM4 willow. Well severe floods ripped out half of the line and left us with shingle and a deep channel which dries out to dry […]

River protection

Some of you know- we are no longer ordinary toy farmers- we now own bits of our adjoining river- in other words it has raged its way onto half our land, down at the bottom. So, we are putting in a heap of trees, with local council blessing, via a diminimus consent. Yogi poplar […]

Selwyn River and Flood Damage

End of May, 2009 saw more of the damage that occurred in 2008- more trees being washed down stream.

It is an interesting question- who owns the land that now has the main channel of the river- us- as ratepayers and owners or the river control authority- Environment Canterbury.

We will discuss issues with […]