Civicrm and WordPress – a learner, learning

I’m learning civicrm and wordpress installation. I thought I’d post some thoughts as I go. This isn’t meant to be exhaustive (it might be exhausting). There are some hints here and there. I’m particularly interested in CIVICRM as it should allow my sites to become event management sites – allowing on-line registration for an […]

Word 2002, problems with outline view, shows table cell or pictures as a heading

This problem is a right pain. Word will sometimes put some pictures which are not headings into the heading structure. Alt-Shift A sorted the problem for me. has awesome resources.

Atahualpa – the theme driving this website

There’s plenty of reasons for using Atahualpa. Here’s a link to other sites based on the same theme.

Christchurch Gets Ready with Neighbourhood Support

Christchurch’s Neighbourhood Support Network is going to manage around 2000 neighbourhood support groups by using our software. Watch this space as we add streets and information over the next few weeks.

Add a calendar managed in thunderbird to your word press web site – using google calendar

The steps below, have been slightly modified. I found these online. Sorry I am not sure where. The system starts with a calendar you run in thunderbird – latest version has the add ons – lightning and provider for google calendar built in.

1. Install Lightning – 2. Install “Provider for Google Calendar” […]

Thunderbird, lightning and google calendar- sync

This site really helped me with the setting up of the system. All part of moving away from microsofts stranglehold. I looked at a recent version of microsoft office and found $1000 needed- not a lot of good to the people I work with in the tropics, so yes, I have made the move […]

On-line surveys – SurveyGizmo reviewed

I am sure this link is worth a look if you are interested in creating surveys.

Maps – a way of sharing information on PNG or elsewhere

There’s nothing magic here, but then again, this is all magic! Donors and many other stakeholders really appreciate having that visual look at where money is being spent- by way of training or research etc.

You may like to look at the map below. We are establishing these as fully interactive-allowing users to drill […]

autodraft in posts

Seems they have it fixed here, now for me to try. also helpful.

Picasa makes side by side pictures real easy

I have, for some time been trying to come up with an easy way to take large images and turn them into small and easy to display on a website. was going ok, but pretty hard work to do what I wanted. Picasa made the job look real easy.

Here is the result […]